Healthy Option Buffet

Bored of meat pies and sausage rolls? One of our buffets will give you your five-a-day!!!!

Download the Printable version of the menu HERE

Includes the following:-

A selection of speciality Breads, Wraps and Paninis with a variety of healthy fillings and Fresh Fruit Kebabs.

Price per Person £3.50

Add any of the healthy options below:-
Any 1 – £4.00 per person
Any 2 – £5.00 per person
Any 3 – £5.95 per person
Any 4 – £6.95 per person
Any 5 – £7.95 per person

a Stuffed Tomatoes
b Peppers filled with Cottage Cheese and Chives
c Couscous Salad
d Italian-style Salad Platter
e Feta Cheese and Cherry Tomato Kebabs
f Home-made mini Tomato and Basil Quiche or Chicken and Thyme
g Poached Salmon or Chilli and Garlic Prawns
h Indian or Chinese selection (oven-baked, not fried)
i Tuna Mayonnaise and Sweetcorn, Pasta Salad or Tomato and Basil
j Olives and Fresh Herbs
k Crudites, Tortillas and Dips
l Chicken Tikka or Sweet Chilli Goujons and Dips
m Muller Light Yoghurts / Natural Yoghurts
n Dried Fruit and Nuts
o Fruit Flapjacks / Carrot Cake


1 litre £2.00 / 250 ml £1.00 (Fresh Orange / Apple Juice / Water)
£0.70 Muller Light Yogurts
£0.80 Flap Jacks, Carrot Cake etc.
£0.50 Crisps

The menus listed are only a small selection of what we can provide. We are able to offer our customers a tailor-made menu to meet your personal needs, tastes and budgets.

Developing a healthier lifestyle in the work environment is hard enough, without the temptations of outside caterers bringing Cream Cakes and stodgy food into your workplace. If you are looking for fresh, tasty and healthier food, look no further than Butty-licious.

Why choose a Healthy Option Buffet?

  • Stay fit
  • Quality and freshness
  • Something wholesome, hearty, natural, tasty and healthy too
  • Get better productivity from a networking or staff meeting
  • Fuel for thoughts
  • Impress your guests

“Where possible, we only use locally- and seasonally-produced ingredients, which help in supporting our local farmers and growers whilst also benefiting the economy, environment and you – our customers.

We provide a delicious and healthy catering service that is second to none. We can cater for all occasions: Business Meetings; Training Courses; Private Functions; and, many more.”